Summer Loving?

Seems like you can’t please anybody any of the time...

The Crossers moaned that the Winter was too dry. Not enough mud, rain, snow and ice to prove to all other cyclists how tough and skilful they are...

And now the Roadies are moaning that the Summer is too wet... Keeds and Adam seem to be only racing their super spangly Lapierre Aircodes in wet and miserable conditions. The last few weeks of Crits, Circuit, Road and TT racing have been, its fair to say, not terribly Summery.

Tonight brings Round #2 of the “Trinity World Champs” at Trinity Park in Ipswich. Again 7 of team are going for glory. Adam and Ryan have been subtly nudged about the lack of a Cat 2 racer on the team so they will be on the hunt for points in the 3/4 race. Keeds will be renewing his Vet 50 challenge with local leg-end dB and the Ladies will be looking to keep moving forwards after their first outings last week. Alex, I’m sure, will be all guns blazing to make the step up to Top of the podium after a Round 1’s battle royale in the U14 Boys. 

The weather may play some part in those plans, as more is forecast this evening. The other spanner in the works is the weekly change in direction. Clockwise this time! While a seemingly minor thing, to some it feels completely alien whilst racing on a track.

Racing starts at 6 pm and goes on till 8:30 pm. There’s food and coffee in the form of Mac st Kitchen and Coffee Clinic., Plenty of banter and fun. Come along and give the team some support. Cow bells optional but much appreciated!

Good luck racers!


Image by Nick Flexman