Namedsport Nutrition - Range Overview

We have had the Named range in store for a few weeks now, and it is proving extremely popular. The brand was first launched in 2014 when founder Andrea Rosso teamed up with Named Spa, the leading Natural Medicine company in Italy. Their goal from day one was to produce quality products for sportspeople using the best raw materials available. They have a vast range of products covering everything needed for the endurance athlete, and here is a summary of the range we have in store:

Sport Gel

4 great flavours, including Cola Lime which contains caffeine. The unique packaging contains a small straw so that when you tear off the top the gel is very easy to drink and non-messy. Carb-based gels providing energy for on the bike.


Isotonic drink mix containing 21g of carbs per 30g serving. Available in Orange and Lemon flavours which taste great. 15 servings per tub, so great value as well.

Total Energy Fruit Bars

The bars are made with rice crispies and fruit making them light and very easy to eat and digest on the bike. 30g of carbs per bar, and 3 delicious flavours in stock.

Crunchy Protein Bars

Protein bars to promote muscle recovery - the perfect convenient post-workout snack to accelerate recovery. Very tasty with flavours including Vanilla Caramel, Choc Brownie and Dark Orange

As well as the core range in store, we can process bespoke customer orders for the other products in the Namedsport range so feel free to give us a call if you would like to try anything out.

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