Return of the Barnes

STOP PRESS. Phil Barnes has been seen in the wild on a bike! Phil, a corner stone of the TT branch of TPH Racing, has been having a very busy year with family, work and houses. This has meant time on the bike has been some what limited to say the least. It’s the familiar problem for all Amateur racers of finding a balance between life and racing but some things are more important however much we love competing. Phil turned out, not for a race, but for the latest TPH Shop Ride and it was great to see him. When the time is right I’m sure Phil will be back and with his talents it won’t take too long to get back into the groove.

With the SCRS series finishing, the remaining Maglia CX series being cancelled and the Honingtion race series not going ahead there is a bit of gap in peoples racing calendars. TT fills some of the holes but it does feel like there is something missing. Don’t worry though #crossiscoming!

Stu raced TT on Tuesday, trying a different more consistent pacing strategy. He gained the win with a time of 22:25 at the Maldon 10 but was not too sure about the pacing. Nice problem to have!

Becky and Keeds braved the heat on Wednesday for the Henley 10 in the IDCA League. It was seriously hot and Keeds trying out some Tri bars for the first time struggled to find the power whilst managing HR. Becky also struggled with managing her HR but that didn’t stop here posting a PR for the course. Great work Becky. Becky is sitting 2nd in the Non-IDCA league having missed a few for Crits. If she posts 12 results with 4 remaining she should be uncatchable for the win. 💪

Not satisfied with one hot TT, Keeds gate crashed the CCS Club Champs to do the Lavenham 10 on Thursday. With some of the big hitters away and several DNS due the heat Keeds managed 4th on the night with his fastest 10 yet of 24:19. There may well be something to this aero lark. Unfortunately that’s a very slippery slope…

This weekend sees the Aircode Twins, Adam and Keeds take on the 3/4 Abberton RR on Sunday. Keeds target is to not get dropped, whilst Adam is looking for points and getting into as many breaks as he can. Bring on the Happy Bus and the FlapSnack!

Good luck racers


📸 Stewart Ambrose