#crossingiscoming #crossishere

Last Sunday saw the “crossover” from Road to Cross season. In the morning Adam raced the Orwell Velo 234 RR. Whilst in the afternoon Becky, Molly, Ryan and Alex kick started their Cross seasons at the Amis Velo Supacross.

Despite Adams wounds having nearly healed from his tumble at the Saffron Walden Grand Prix, time on the bike outside has been limited. So jumping on his tidied up Lapierre Aircode and racing a 234 on a damp morning was rather a leap into the unknown. Would his body and wounds cope with a couple of hours of frantic racing? Would his mind let him ride in a pushy bunch… Of course they would! He’s a bike racer. The target for the race given the number of Cat 2’s riding for their upgrade was to get back on it, get stuck into the bunch and get around. Job done. Now to tackle the last few races of the season to see if Adam can gain himself his Cat 2. Good luck!

Alex rode strongly in his first Cross outing of the year. His biggest challenge was finding a bike that fit those long legs of his that have sprouted since the last Cross season. Big improvement in finishing placing. Keep that going Alex, looking forward to watching a great season unfold.

Becky and Molly were in the newly minted Women's Only race. Space has been found in the schedule to cater for the growing field of Women racers and it was a huge success. Over 30 Women took up the challenge with hard and fast racing all the way through the field. Becky carried her strong form on the road to the Cross course finishing in 8th above some of her usual close rivals. Molly rode hard and got stuck in but had a slightly off day results wise. A little down on her usual placing but given how little training Molly has been able to fit in this year in a good result. Don’t worry, there’s always next week.

Ryan tackled the Senior/Junior race and as usual it was a frantic, fun and fast affair. Ryan rode well and whilst slightly down on placing from last year it was a similar time difference from the winner. Finishing above some very strong road riders on a fast dry course Ryan can be pleased with that start to the season.

Discretion being the better part of valour, Keeds has decided to miss out the first few Cross races. His shoulder is still not sorted and flying over the bars into the undergrowth at the bottom of a Cross descent whilst good for photos is not a good look for the now V50 rider. Hopefully with some more time and physio Keeds can rejoin the fun soon.