Close, but no cigar!

Woah! Where did that last couple of weeks go? Life caught up with me a little bit there and got in the way of race reports… 🙄. So here’s a quick summary of recent key events.

Ryan came soooo close to a big W at Trinity World Champs. Close, but no cigar. In the 3/4 race (on the short course) he got the jump on the leading group, lead around the last corner but got rolled on the line by the smallest of margins to finish 2nd. Great ride and tactics, a crying shame about the outcome. Best get working on that sprint 👍

Becky has been getting stronger and more confident every week at Trinity. A 4th place the previous week saw her promoted to the scratch group the following (to her displeasure 😁). She shouldn’t have been so bothered. She worked hard, stuck with the group and even went for a long range attack on the last lap. Leading into the final corner, a combination of getting swamped by the chasers and a sub optimal line choice saw the CX skills come out as she took the grass resulting in a 5th place finish, but another huge confidence boost that she can hang with the scratch riders and have good tactics and power. Just need to finish it off now.

In the meantime Molly, Lucy, Alex and Keeds have been doing their thing and getting stuck into their racing. Race craft, confidence and performances have been getting stronger each week. As more riders are turning up the fields are getting larger, stronger and more competitive. This has translated into better racing, but also what appears to be slightly worse finishing results. The positions may be lower, but the effort, skills and performances have definitely been getting better. Demonstrated by Keeds who whilst finishing only 17th in the latest 3/4 race, finished in the front group for the first time, was the leading V50 rider beating local rival dB and many other CX racers that are usually well ahead of him in a full field of 60 riders. The others are doing much the same and all are thoroughly enjoying themselves doing so.

Thanks to all the organisers and volunteers of the SCRS for laying on such a fantastic race series and thanks to all the racers for creating some fun, frantic but enjoyable racing. The last week of Suffolk Cycle Racing Series (Trinity World Champs) is this Wednesday with races from 6pm till 8:45pm. Come along and give us a cheer. Bring your cowbells and have a coffee or Mac n Cheese whilst watching some fast and exciting racing.

Good luck racers


📸 James Lucas and Stuart Ambrose