Adam flowers at Lotus

TPH Racing paid a visit to Norfolk for Round 3 of the Lotus League by Norfolk Cycle Racing at the Lotus Test circuit. The smooth, flowing flat track makes for some fast racing and that proved the case again last night.

Rob and Keeds in the 4/Vet 3 race averaged a mere 25.6 mph for their effort. Their race marred by a crash that took out 5 or 6 riders and left a couple on the floor needing assistance. Hope everybody recovers swiftly. Keeds tried to stay out of the trouble by sitting at the front, having a few digs and generally doing too much work, his view being better than in the chaos of a large bunch. Rob took the bunch route and it’s fair to say didn’t particularly enjoy the experience. Rob’s highlights apart from missing the crash, were the admiring glances at his fancy SRAM Force eTAP AXS groupset on his spangly Reilly and having a dig off the front on the penultimate lap that set the group aflutter. Keeds positioned himself well for the run in around the last few bends then blew the final by going 20 yards too early gaining the front and then dying before the line and coming in 8th. 3 more points needed for an upgrade…

Lucy rode in the Ladies race in a small entry of 6 which was paired with the 4/Vets 3’s. The hot pace saw Lucy unceremoniously dropped so a solo TT was in order. Not the most enjoyable of evenings but you’ll never know unless you try so well done for giving it a shot. Onwards and upwards.

Adam meanwhile was in the E123 race. Rubbing those 80’s shoulders with some Elite and Cat 1 riders. He was in for a #type2fun evening. “I have no idea how I ended up in the break” were his first words upon finishing before collapsing in a heap over his handlebars. “No idea” how he got in the break, “No idea” how he stayed in the break, “No idea” how he managed to claw his way back in on the penultimate lap after a gap developed and finally “No idea” how he was still in the group in the final and managed to drag himself up for a 12th place finish! Fair to say a very deep dark hole was dug. Awesome ride Adam. Very impressive. I think you surprised yourself as well as your team mates cheering you on from the pit lane.

Both Keeds and Adam are riding strongly in their Crit races so far this season. I wonder how much of that is a direct result of their Zwift racing efforts over the Winter? Keeds notched up 33 races and Adam 17. This is on top of CX and training. I would suggest its played more than a small part. If you want to know more about Zwift, setups and racing you know who to call…

Whilst all the carnage of Lotus was ensuing in Norfolk, back over the border in Suffolk Becky was serenely setting another good time in the IDCA TT at Crowfield. Top lady again and 14th overall. Great ride and good prep for her first road race at the weekend. Good luck Becky, they won’t know what hit them!

Great riding racers