In search of podiums!

Last Wednesday was Round 2 of the Trinity World Champs (SCRS) with the usual band of 7 TPH Racing riders taking to the closed circuit at Trinity Park for more pain, glory and Mac n Cheese.

Alex up first in the U14 Boys race was supposed to set the tone for the team but fluffed his lines... Instead of stepping up to 1st, he took a step backwards down the podium from 2nd to 3rd. For crying out loud Alex!

Next up was Adam, Ryan and Keeds in the Mens 3/4 race. Ryan started well and easily got himself tucked into the main group. Adam starting towards the back worked his way through the field, whilst trying to drag “Old Man” Keeds with him after Keeds got a poor start from the back of the grid. Keeds couldn’t hang with the group and after getting dropped worked at minimising the damage in a 2up TT. “Vet40” duo of Glenn Davey and Adam then did their usual attempt of bridging to the break only for Adam to strand Glenn in no man's land with some poor excuse about a chain breaking and dropping out… 🤷‍♂️ Ryan rode strongly to the finish in the main group gaping them to the line and coming in a fantastic 4th. Keeds having worked hard to not lose too much time and ground rolled in 14th and again one place behind his Vet 50 target dB.

Becky, Lucy and Molly were next in the Women's E1234. Again this race was run as a handicap race with the different categories being started off separately. This adds greatly to the race for both the riders and spectators as groups work together to catch or stay away. A large group formed containing all the TPH Racing riders, Molly was the first drop off this group towards the end followed by Lucy who then 2up’ed with TPH regular Trudy Avis. Becky hung with the group and fought to the line for 6th. Lucy was next in for her first BC points in 7th (Yay!) followed by Molly in 11th. A much more enjoyable race for everyone this week with step ups in performance and finishing. Well done.

It was time for TT Thursday with CCS at Lavenham on the Lavenham 10 course. The usuals Molly and Alex were joined by Ryan, Adam and Rob. Rob interestingly bringing a knife to a gun fight on his Titanium Reilly Gradient Gravel bike… 😮

Adam crashed the Inter Club comp with West Suffolk Wheelers posting 3rd best time just under 23 mins. Ryan was next with a mid 24 closely followed by knife slinger Rob with a mid 25. Molly just managed to cling on to bragging rights besting Alex by 14 seconds. Alex doing well this week not getting DQ’d… 😉

Tonight is Round 3 of Trinity World Champs. Everybody seems to be enjoying the racing with the same TPH Racing crew in line to turn up again. Ryan is surprising himself and everyone else with his form given the lack of training he’s managed to fit in. Let’s see if he can make the next step to the podium. Adam is in cracking form himself and it’s only a matter of time before he gets his rewards. Keeds may well struggle tonight after an epic 173 mile ride on Sunday, his old legs and body might need a few more days of recovery. Becky, Lucy and Molly are going from strength to strength and gaining confidence as the series progresses. Look to these 3 to be moving upwards in the standings. As for Alex, he seems to be getting a handle on those new long legs so it should be a breeze to make those now 2 steps up to the top of the podium. Come on Alex, we know you can do it!

Good luck racers!